Empire Bodyboards was created by Pro Bodyboarder Eddie Solomon in 2006. He had a dream and a drive to start a company that represented his unique style and inevitably build an Empire. He was a big wave charger who put that same fearless energy into the companies he started.

Empire had humble beginnings, Eddie was taking loans and selling product from his garage, he literally grew Empire from the ground up. His goal was to become as big as possible, there was no glass ceiling with his vision, forever expanding and always growing. If you were lucky enough to know him than you knew his passion and dedication was unlike anyone.

The Empire team has always been comprised of riders that push the limits of wave riding. Eddie hand selected riders through the years who would push the limits with a cutting edge approach. Empire's riders have never been intimidated by extreme shore breaks and heavy waves, cutting them apart from rest. Clark Little has taken notice and said the Empire team are some of his favorite athletes to shoot because they never second guess and just charge.

The top Empire rider is Andre Botha, 2X World Champion and globally known for his flawless style and fearless energy, a true artist Andre has excelled to be one of the world's most known athletes in the sport. When Eddie first met Andre Botha they were both teenagers and the two instantly became friends. They both grew up together, one entrepreneur and one flourishing wave rider, both taking chances to push their own personal limits.

Other radical riders that have graced the Empire brand have included Australian Josh Garner, known for taking on massive Australian slabs and for his creative style with technical waves and maneuvers. Another, Cali local Seabass Perez, a fearless charger who is best known for his time spent in the shore-break falling into some Keiki caves with Clark Little. And who could ever forget Anthony Savoji? Eddie took this Newport wild child under his wing, working him up to surf in the line up at Pipeline, Teahupo'o and his local, The Wedge.

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